Riverside Garden

Riverside Garden

This project was designed for clients who had recently bought and renovated a large detached house with a river running at the bottom of the garden.

The brief

Having renovated a large country house the clients wanted to redesign their extensive garden. They required a semi formal area near the house with seating for entertaining and a more informal and wilder area to blend in with a river at the bottom of the garden.

A full planting plan was required to encompass plants that can tolerate damp conditions along with suitable water loving trees and shrubs for year long interest.

The solution

To take advantage of the riverside setting and views, Rupert designed a beautiful bog garden and wooded area, linked by a walkway from the lawn. A wooden gazebo provides the perfect setting to watch the kingfishers fishing whilst enjoying a chilled glass of wine.

The walkway and an oak pergola were a bespoke design for the clients and Rupert produced technical drawings and an axonometric drawing showing the seating areas and views.